"St. Joseph and the Child Jesus" Florida USA (2007)

"St. Joseph and the Child Jesus" Florida USA (2007).

Cahir 18th August 2009

Cahir 18th August 2009

Welcome to the web site of the contemporary Irish artist, Dony Mac Manus.

This site is designed to be as easy as possible to navigate. Each category is chronologically ordered to make it easier to understand the development of his work.

Born in Dublin in 1971, Dony Mac Manus graduated with a Bachelor of Design (1995) and Higher Diploma in Art and Design Teaching (1998) at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. He went on to receive $20,000 Millennium Scholarship Trust from the Bank of Ireland to do a Masters in Fine Art (2001) at the New York Academy of Art and also a $8,000 Scholarship from the NYAA to use a studio in Provence in the South of France. Shortly after September 11 2001 he left Manhattan for Italy where he set up his studio first in Rome for a year and a half and then Florence for the next year and a half. He returned to Dublin in 2004 to establish the Irish Academy of Figurative Art over three and a half years which he has now entrusted to the remaining faculty and students. In late 2007 he returned to Florence to establish Studios so as to continue working on large international commissions while training in apprentices and students in his Studios. Please view for details.
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Watch the video of the unveiling of the bronze plaque commemorating St Josemaría’s visit to the town of Cahir Co Tipperary in 1959. Video Here
Dony Mac Manus
Theology of the Body and Art.

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Dony Mac Manus.
An insight into his artwork.

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Dony Mac Manus
The Florence Biennale December 2009

Conference "An Artist and a Scientist: a common way" lecture by Francesco Saverio Pavone and Dony Mac Manus in collaboration with OpenLab.
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Blog: Reflections of an Art Apprentice
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